Many people wonder what the best look for a first date is. going on a first date. Nerves can play tricks on us when deciding on one or the other outfit. 

However, the truth is that one of the keys to success on a first date is to go with optimism and make a good impression at first sight. And for this we must avoid showing our nerves or a forced attitude. 

The first thing for your date to be interested in you is that you are willing to show yourself as you are. However, although this first impression is not crucial, it is very important. 

If you can get your date's attention, communication will be much easier. If you don't, the date may be full of ups and downs, and you may become insecure. 

In this article you will find the keys that will give you the opportunity to seduce the person in front of you, showing all your skills.

Oscar Wilde: "There are no two chances to make a first impression".

Tips for a date on Breaking Ice

1 Have a look that suits you and your date's tastes: you won't get anywhere by being too provocative or eccentric. The rule of "less is more" is almost always true, and the truth is that wearing plunging necklines or tight-fitting clothes doesn't always get you what you want. 

However, if you feel comfortable you will gain in power of attraction. Hinting is often more effective than teaching.

2) An accessory is key.
An accessory can be touching because it has the ability to show your essence, whether it's a classic outfit or a punk look... wear it with style. But, don't be too extravagant or neglect your hygiene. 

A first date is not the ideal day to present risky outfits. It is important to be comfortable and be the one who decides what you want to wear.

Is it advisable to wear accessories on a Breaking Ice first date?

3) Complements yes, but without overdoing it.

Be careful not to wear too many accessories. Everything must be in the right measure. 

Keep in mind that the person in front of you is likely to spend considerable time thinking about whether or not they will be natural. 

In fact, you may end up wondering why you're wearing what you're wearing. The same can happen with contact lenses in a color that is too bright. Avoid the "Christmas tree" effect.

4) Highlight your strengths.
Everyone has a gift. You can have a beautiful smile or beautiful legs, or just have something that stands out about you: your shoulders, your hands, your eyes. 

Clothing and make-up are key to highlight and draw attention away from certain zones and areas of the body. The most important thing is to know first hand your strong points in order to know which ones are not so strong. 

However, if you are not sure how to take advantage of the former and minimize the latter, contact someone who knows about image. It can be a friend or a professional. It will be worth it. You will see.

Tips for using good colors on a date from the dating application Breaking Ice

5) Colors are fundamental: we always favor certain tones.
Depending on the color combinations we choose, we will communicate some sensations or others... 

For example: pink together with red is not usually successful, but red in its pure state transmits passion, strength... It should also be taken into account that some colors are more suitable for daytime, while others are more suitable for nighttime; as well as summer colors and winter colors and colors that are fashionable and others that are not.

6) You must take into account the context of the date.
The best thing to do is to know the setting in which the date will take place: the decoration of the restaurant, for example, can give you an idea. 

Deciding what to wear depending on whether it is a lunch or a dinner and foreseeing the context after the date can help you.

7) Put on a complete combination: clothes plus accessories.
Beforehand, ask a friend with good taste for an opinion, a few days before the date. 

If possible, have more than one option ready. When you can compare it is always easier to get it right.

Fragrance: The key after setting a date on Breaking Ice, your dating Application

8) Remember that smelling good is fundamental
Choose a perfume or cologne that you like and that communicates who you are. If you can, avoid giving off too strong a scent as it can be annoying and draw attention away from you. 

It is best to harmonize the body odor with the fragrance.

9) What do we do with the hair?
Hair is extremely important: pay attention to your facial hair (eyebrows, mustache, beard, if applicable) and body hair (you never know what can happen...), make-up (if applicable), skin hydration (face, neck, neckline, hands, body...).

10) Do not forget the shoes and underwear.
The shoes you choose should be in line with the clothes and accessories chosen and in accordance with the environment of the appointment. It is not necessary to go brand new. 

However, they should look neat. If you need socks, it is best that they match the color of the pants. The same goes for underwear: if the pieces convey a poorly cared for and unattractive image, we may not succeed and it is best to be prepared for whatever may arise...

Conclusions of the ideal look for a date on Breaking Ice, the Application that revolutionizes dating

Taking note of these tips will be key on your next date, but never forget that the attitude with which your date sees you also plays a big role. 

Try to be yourself and don't let your nerves communicate an unnatural attitude. The best way to do this is to prepare yourself at home. Once you go out, forget about your image and focus on the experience of meeting a like-minded person. And remember that the best thing you can wear is a nice smile and a good time.
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