Descubre Breaking Ice, y encuentra una manera diferente de ligar.

We help you break the ice. Interact with users in the most dynamic way. An app that has come to revolutionise the concept of lifestyle. Don't think twice and join the Breaking Ice community.
We are already more than 10,000 users!


¿Por qué conocer gente online con Breaking Ice?

Connect with people, get to know your city or the cities you are travelling to better thanks to our map, have fun with the multiple options you have in Breaking Ice. Welcome, this is just the beginning, start enjoying all the experiences that the app brings you, alone, with your partner or with your friends!

Ya era hora de una app así, te facilita mucho las cosas para conocer a alguien y divertirte mientras lo haces. El mapa, los juegos, los posibles planes que encanta!!
Gran app que rompe con el concepto que había hasta ahora, súper intuitiva y el tema del mapita y los juegos, hace que sea una novedad muy chula!
App genial. Innova en cuanto a las típicas apps de conocer gente para darle un valor añadido y no caer en la monotonía.


Our objective

We are an app for people who know what they want and we don't label!


Novel interaction

We help you connect with people through our games, chat and much more. And we will help you through this experience to find that person.



We work to give you a unique experience. And above all, we always listen to you.


More than an app

We are not just a catalogue of appointments, we are many more and our experiential elements make us different.


The map

You will have a map where you can find out about venues, events, activities and in any city, use it with your partner, friends and why not? on your own.


Make the most of your time

No more searching, it's time to find with BreakingIce. All safely and securely.

Los elementos en la experiencia de usuario que marcan nuestra identidad como APP de citas:


On the Map you can enjoy a unique experience. Not only will you be able to see the approximate location of the people you want to meet, you will also be able to choose your first date, and without a date too! Find out about places to eat, events, and much more in the city and area where you are.


"Ices" to exchange for different services in our app, our own internal currency. "Featured" so that everyone can see you and you get more interactions. "Like" so you can use the app without limitations and "SuperIce" to make it clear to your crush that you like him/her.


You can take our Affinity Test with any person you are chatting with to find out the percentage of affinity between the two of you. Are you ready to have a good time?
Or try the Blind Test, a test where you will have to answer intuitively to questions about the other person's likes and dislikes. Are you ready to test your intuition?

¿Quieres conocer nuestros planes de App Dating ?

Freemium Pack

  • Welcome pack of 1 month of the Basic Pack
  • One free spin at roulette (Maximum of 250 ices per day)
  • Viewing 4 videos per day (You get up to 500 ices)
  • Display of unlimited profiles depending on mileage radius
  • Limited number of likes
  • 3 free positioning tests.
  • Free use of the map

Basic Pack

1 month
  • Rewind Unlimited
  • 8 highlights
  • 500 ice cubes
  • 4 Super Ice
  • Unlimited likes

Star Pack

3 months 40%dto.
One-off payment
  • Unlimited Rewind
  • 4 highlights
  • 750 ice
  • 4 super ices
  • Unlimited likes

Gold Pack

6 months 45%dto.
One-off payment
  • Rewind Unlimited
  • 8 highlights
  • 1000 ice
  • 4 Super Ice
  • Unlimited likes

Premium Pack

12 months 50% discount.
One-off payment
  • Rewind Unlimited
  • 8 highlights
  • 1500 ice
  • 4 Super Ice
  • Unlimited likes