Unas más, otras menos, pero románticas, al fin y al caboEn BreakingIce, tu aplicación de dating, estamos convencidos de que hay grandes ciudades en el mundo que representan destinos que, más allá de lo turístico, también son lugares ideales para avivar la llama del romance.

So, if you want to make a pre-planned trip or a romantic getaway with your partner, there are some options that will dazzle you with their beauty and all they have to offer.

In addition, it is important to consider that there are romantic cities in different corners of the planet, with their particularities that, surely, you can enjoy to the fullest. You didn't expect this, did you?

The best romantic destinations in Europe

Las ciudades más románticas por excelencia están ubicadas en Europa, puesto que además de disfrutar de la riqueza arquitectónica, cultural y gastronómica de estos sitios, también cuentan con índices de seguridad más altos que en otros sitios. Así, entre las ciudades más románticas de Europa se encuentran París, Barcelona o Venecia.

Paris has an incredible reputation as the "city of love" because of the various movies and novels that have been set in its streets, which has made it the subject of positive generalization in terms of popular culture.

Certainly, it is a city with many attractions, such as walks along the Seine River, the possibility of tasting dishes in its many renowned top quality restaurants, or to visit the viewpoint overlooking the Eiffel Tower at night and contemplate its illumination.

Romanticism in the cities

On the other hand, Barcelona has an air of romanticism that is hard to forget. Its Mediterranean warmth and all the splendor of the Catalan culture make it an ideal place for a romantic evening with your other half.

Barcelona's nightlife is not only interesting and intriguing, but it will offer you the most suitable scenarios to have a great time in an incredible city. An unmissable plan that you can't miss.

Finally, Venice has a very traditional aspect, represented by its beautiful canals and the possibility of traveling with your partner in a gondola.

This is something you've surely seen a lot in movies, right? Well, it is not fiction, because for a small fee you can stroll through the canals of the city, taste a delicious ice cream or meet your partner for a romantic and typical Italian dinner, where you can taste the various specialties of the Veneto region.

And beyond Europe?

If you have wondered what places outside the European continent are the most romantic cities in the world, there are cities with a wide range of options for you to take advantage of to the delight of both your partner and yourself.

For example, if we look to America, we will find that cities like New York, Buenos Aires or Rio de Janeiro have a whole compendium of alternatives that will surely make you fall in love.

New York, the city that never sleeps, has for you ample spaces like Central Park which, with its traditional horse-drawn carriage rides, will give you an impression of another era and you will have interesting anecdotes to share with your partner.

In addition, its cultural and gastronomic offerings are among the best in the world.

Enjoying the beauty of Rockefeller Center at Christmas time... Have you ever imagined it? So, plan your trip in your favorite season and don't miss the opportunity to enjoy a cosmopolitan and, yes, extremely romantic city.

Buenos Aires is a city that breaks with the usual South American architectural style, its European-style facades will provide you with a different feeling from what you would normally expect from Latin America.

Let yourself go and enjoy a unique experience

Dare to meet your partner for a night of tango while enjoying the delicious wines produced in Argentina. This is, undoubtedly, a city with an air of romanticism that you cannot miss.

And if, on the other hand, you are more adventurous, Rio de Janeiro will provide you with the adrenaline and heat your body needs. Go to emblematic locations such as Ipanema. One of the most exclusive neighborhoods in all of Latin America, with well-known beaches and plenty of places to go.

Rio's fun beaches will help you disconnect from your daily life and give it a different focus. So all you need to do is relax, with your feet in the sand, and contemplate the cultural offerings the city has for you and your partner.

But... Are there other romantic cities?

Indeed! You probably wouldn't guess it. There are cities in Southeast Asia that are excellently valued as tourist destinations because of their exoticism and the varied and incredible offer they have for foreign tourists.

Thus, cities such as Udaipur, Kyoto and Galle are favorite getaway options for lovers of romance.

In India, although Udaipur is not the most recognized city to the detriment of others such as New Delhi or Calcutta. This place has a wide range of attractions for couples that will not go unnoticed for you.

The pleasure of the traditional

A visit to Lake Pichola guarantees a pleasant experience, where the traditional nature of the Indian subcontinent meets the modern infrastructure of its hotels. A romantic getaway without limits!

Kyoto is also one of the most emblematic cities in Japan. Both for its history and its cultural richness. This site is adorned with numerous cherry trees that, in springtime, give it a privileged view on every corner.

In addition, you can enjoy its many magnificent temples and exquisite cuisine that will provide you with an authentic Asian feeling.

Incredible places

Last but not least, Galle is a city with an extremely interesting history, as it is currently one of Sri Lanka's most important ports, but was also a colonial enclave subsequently inhabited by the Portuguese, Dutch and English.

It combines the traditional aspects of Asia with its colonial streets, giving it a very romantic touch for couples.

Estos son algunos de los destinos más románticos del mundo. Por ello, en BreakingIce, tu aplicación de dating, te invitamos a aventurarte junto a tu pareja y disfrutar de experiencias distintas que permitan reavivar el romance y la pasión.

Y si no has conseguido pareja, ¡ingresa en nuestra app, tanto en Android como iOS, y busca a tu media naranja!

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