Seduction is an art. Knowing how to conquer a person using all our potential is not something we are born with, but something we learn. Moreover, seduction is transcendental in today's world, not only in the field of love, but also in many others, such as work, friendship, and family.

The reason is that human beings understand by seduction all those attitudes and acts that open the door to love, so necessary for our well-being.

Knowing how to conquer someone supposes having the skills to exhibit one's virtues. When desire is born inside us at a certain moment, we must know how to channel our passions to obtain what we want so much. The strategy we use to achieve this is the art of seduction.

To seduce on a dating Application like BreakingIce you must take the initiative.

A love relationship is a matter, at least, of two people. Thanks to the times in which we live today, we have already left behind the role that attributed a more passive role to women and the art of conquest was only a male thing.

However, although the truth is that there are still certain gender differences, nowadays the art of the ideal love conquest is bidirectional and can be started by both women and men indistinctly.

It also helps if the responsibility to seduce progresses and ends up generating a quality connection between the two sexes.

The dating application BreakingIce advises you to value your authenticity.

We must begin by being proud of who we are. We must learn to value and love ourselves. We must, above all, know what makes us unique.

We all have skills and gifts that stand out above the rest. It is crucial to know how to value those elements that make us unique and attractive. Original, authentic personalities are seductive. Why?

Because nothing attracts more than the original. The unforced has the power to claim what is yours because of the absence of lies. Sincerity makes you fall in love. Therefore, we must take care of elements such as the image we project, the content of what we say and the confidence we show.

However, this advice should not be taken lightly. Under no circumstances does it help to invent some sort of perfect and attractive character that is not ourselves. We must work from who we really are.

Work on ourselves with the objective of liking ourselves. In this way we will gain in self-esteem, since this is an element of great importance for success in the art of seduction. In short, to make others like you, you must first like yourself.

In the dating application BreakingIce it is best to assume how you are.

It is very important to know ourselves in order to know the mechanisms that make us feel good with ourselves. But be calm, this does not imply seeking perfection.

Seduction is about being able to exhibit our virtues while naturally accepting what we cannot change.

For example, short people. No one can change this physical aspect and the only way for it not to be a limitation is acceptance.

Tip from BreakingIce, your dating app: Make your date feel good

Seduction involves showing ourselves as we are, we already know this, but also being interested in our interlocutor. We can easily take an interest in getting to know the person we have in front of us, ask her about her tastes and aspirations, practice active listening, empathize with her.

In short, try to create a good communication that slowly builds a relationship between you.

Making the other person laugh does not fail, the dating application BreakingIce ensures it.

Humor is the key to romance. As human beings we are made in such a way that our brains secrete neurochemicals including endorphins related to pleasure and well-being.

That's why making the other person laugh is so important, because a sense of humor generates attraction. In fact, as you may already know, we are usually attracted to people, activities and situations that we find funny and interesting.

Although a sense of humor should not be a constant, because it can also become tiring. The truth is that humor loses its effect if we overdo it. We must always use a sense of humor related to the person we have in front of us and according to the context in which we find ourselves.

The importance of non-verbal language in the dating application BreakingIce

Attraction is the energy that is born from a set of elements that are related to "how" we say or do things. In addition, seduction is part of the game of nonverbal language. That is why eye contact is one of the most important seduction weapons.

Having the ability to fix our gaze on the eyes of a person we like and find attractive is a sign of confidence and security. Making eye contact with a person we are interested in, and maintaining it for a certain amount of time and then subtly withdrawing it, generates an impact that is difficult to forget.

The importance of smiling

In addition, if we have a smile drawn on our face we will make the perfect combo of visual seduction. This allows us to transmit sympathy and positive emotions, so it is a very efficient way to fall in love.

When a person smiles they reach their maximum level of beauty. The reason is very simple: when someone smiles they project happiness and well-being and this projection generates positive feelings in those who look at us.

On the other hand, the posture we have with respect to the other person is very important, since the messages we send with our nonverbal language can be interpreted in different ways depending on where we are. For example, while crossed arms show closure and distance, having them open and relaxed conveys confidence.

Finally, body odor is decisive when distances are short. We must evoke with our scent a series of attractive elements: that he sees that we have good hygiene and that we have selected a pleasant fragrance that goes in line with our personality.

Latest tips from BreakingIce, the Application that is revolutionizing dating

Generate positive feelings: as we mentioned before, there are very favorable elements to provoke positive feelings in the other person, such as having a wide sense of humor or being interested in the person we are trying to seduce. Oh, and don't be in a hurry, enjoy every step. And don't be "needy"! Neediness and seduction are opposites.

Finally, the least important thing is to create a bit of mystery. If you are a very predictable person, you might not be interesting anymore. Mystery is always attractive, so what are you waiting for?

Now that you know the art of seduction you can put it into practice on BreakingIce, the dating app that is revolutionizing the dating world.