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berry emabajadora


Berryuca is a famous youtuber who has made a name for herself on Instagram thanks to her unique content where she talks about love dramas, dating, advice and much more. Spontaneous, dynamic, funny...
She is part of Breaking Ice.

Roy Galan embajador

Roi Sastre

Roi Sastre would jump to fame through Vine, passing through Instagram and TikTok. With vindictive content always from a humorous tone. An example to follow for his activism always in the lgbti world with a community of more than 400 k followers.
Roi Sastre is a benchmark of Breaking Ice.

arnau marin breaking ice

Arnau Marin

Arnau Marin is a catalan influencer and model. He began at the age of 17 to enter "the world of influencers" and fashion thanks to his signing with Élite Barcelona. This being one of the main modeling agencies in the city.